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    What can CHAI do for me?

    CHAI connects you with lists of museums & museum exhibits, cultural heritage events, and historical sites for virtual and in-person social interactions with friends, family and volunteers interested in the same arts & culture as you!

    Learn, Discover, Enjoy! Be Connected!

    Use the CHAI museum locator to find “museums near me”, or perhaps the best Orange County museums, or perhaps the best California museums, best US museums, or the coolest global museums. CHAI can help find your local arts information and virtual museum exhibits from all over the world.

    Women visit the best art museums in California
    Women visit the best art museums in California
    CHAI currently has more than 30,000 US museums in her AI machine learning searchable museum list database. We will be adding 25,000 more worldwide museums as soon as possible with the goal of having every museum in the world indexed on CHAI.

    Contact the CHAI Team to add your museum!

    CHAI.chat is also a resource for global, national, and local cultural heritage events.
    Add your event here to the CHAI local arts and cultural heritage calendar.
    Family visit to historical sites in California

    For CHAI Users

    • Be a resource for discovering not only the top ten global museums, but also small local museums
    • Easily find, share, and immerse in cultural heritage experiences
    • Help reduce social isolation by bringing people together physically and virtually
    • Be a fun, enjoyableE, and safe experience
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    For Museum and Cultural Heritage Locations

    • Attract post Covid-19 visitors to physical cultural heritage locations
    • Attract visitors to new online museum exhibits & education
    • Bridge for multi-institutional educational content
    • Data to help keep museums relevant through a rapid cultural shift
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    For Our Corporate Partners, Foundation Partners, and Investors

    • Be aligned with and facilitate their social missions
    • Be valued fiscally
    • Reduce costs in healthcare caused by social isolation
    • Increase user data metrics
    • Positive brand recognition
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    For Our Company

    • Be a trusted global cultural heritage industry vendor
    • Be an ethical and trustworthy corporate partner and employer
    • Create substantial shareholder value, responsibly and transparently
    • Make a positive social difference
    • Be a rewarding career
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    Connect with people on CHAI to reduce the negative health impacts of social isolation.

    Using CHAI.chat improves quality of life and has lasting social impact.

    Social Isolation Health Risks

    in older adults:

    accelerated cognitive decline & increased incident dementia

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    Social Isolation Health Risks

    depression & anxiety

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    Social Isolation Health Risks

    increased levels of smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity

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    Social Isolation Health Risks

    heart disease, stroke, and cancer

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    The Cultural Heritage & Adult Isolation (CHAI) Project address two major social problems that were illuminated and dramatically increased globally by the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. They are the health risks associated with social isolation and the most rapid shift in cultural heritage during the past 500 years.

    The Cultural Heritage & Arts Information (CHAI.chat) web application is FREE for you, the arts patrons. (Although DONATIONS  are most sincerely appreciated and go to making CHAI even better!) We are designing a study to prove scientifically, that shared museum & cultural heritage excursions, either in-person or virtual, will reduce the negative health impacts of social isolation.

    Our Mission:

    To foster humanity by gathering and disseminating information that helps keep the cultural heritage industry relevant to the communities they serve.

    Our Core Value:

    If you have the ability to help others, it is your responsibility to do so.

    Timothy M. Kuglin

    Our partners include foundations, corporations, individual donors, and other social change leaders around the world.

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    Krishan Pathak